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[eBook] Shooting for the Moon: Advanced Tactics to Win Wallet Share This Holiday Season

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2018 Holiday Playbook

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Does your holiday media plan include a set of moonshot tactics?
You know... The stuff that could really take your performance to the next level?

You can't execute the same plan as last year and expect significantly better results. 
That would be crazy.

Brand Networks has over a decade of experience working with retailers of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve identified one characteristic that separates the best retailers from the rest:

Successful brands adapt rapidly and lean into Q4. They have a steadfast willingness to adopt select new tactics to meet the changing expectations of their consumers every year. Simply put, they take a few strategic bets this time of year.

As the holiday season approaches, we’ve opened up our digital advertising playbook to help you identify tactics you can use to engage your customers and drive share-of-wallet.

Ready to step up your game this holiday season?

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • Why Amazon Advertising is a must for online and omnichannel retailers.
  • How Facebook Messenger can help you reach your customers no matter where they are in their path to purchase.
  • How you can take advantage of emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Playable Ads to differentiate yourself this holiday season.